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N900 Cyber Kanny

Here’s my hardware hack idea for Nokia’s N900 Push contest, the N900 Cyber Kanny: In Finland, the homeland of Nokia, mobile phones are referred to as Kannys, which literally means “an extension of the hand”. I would like to make … Continue reading

19. October 2009 by Kieran
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ISEA 2009 workshop slides

Here are the slides from the Hacking Toys Into Tangible Interfaces workshop that was held at DKIT last week for the ISEA / International Symposium of Electronic Arts 2009 conference. Thanks to everyone that participated 🙂 Hacking Toys Into Tangible … Continue reading

06. September 2009 by Kieran
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Post Posthumanism

Here are the slides for my paper ‘The Real Virtual Living’, presented at the Posthumanism strand of ISEA 2009 at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast. 'The Real Virtual Living', Kieran Nolan, ISEA 2009 View more presentations from kierannolan.

29. August 2009 by Kieran
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ISEA 2009 paper and workshop

I’m presenting a paper at the ISEA 2009 Conference (International Symposium on Electronic Arts) in Belfast this August. It’s under the ‘Posthumanism’ category and called ‘The Real Virtual Living’. Basically in it I’m examining what people thought the ‘cyberfuture’ would … Continue reading

04. July 2009 by Kieran
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Atari 2600 Study

At the moment I’m reading ‘Racing The Beam‘, an in-depth study of Atari’s VCS console from 1977 (renamed the 2600 in 1982). The book traces the systems history and talks about how it’s game designers creatively worked around the machines … Continue reading

20. May 2009 by Kieran
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Mongi Slim

The Random Album Cover Game has been around the last year, but I had a go at it a couple of days ago. Not sure what genre it’d fit into exactly… possibly folk meets downtempo meets dnb…

18. April 2009 by Kieran
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Found these great flash cartoons on youtube, by animator Hiroshi Namiki. All feature this ape with a snot bubble hanging out of his nose, who mostly spends his time harassing a bulldog, which has similar nose hygiene issues. The use … Continue reading

15. March 2009 by Kieran
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Short and Tweet

The blogosphere probably doesn’t need another post about Twitter but I’ll write one anyways. I’ve been using this a lot over the last couple of months (partly why this blog hasn’t been updated), so if you want take a look … Continue reading

22. January 2009 by Kieran
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I was over in London recently to check out a couple of talks that were taking place as part of Onedotzero’s Adventures in Motion festival. First up was a presentation about digital means of creating music, controlling music and creating … Continue reading

28. November 2008 by Kieran
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Analog vs Digital & Music Interfaces @ DEAF 08

Yesterday I headed to the Digital Hub in Dublin to listen to some talks about making music and to watch a film screening, all these were happening as part of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival.

27. October 2008 by Kieran
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