N900 Cyber Kanny

Here’s my hardware hack idea for Nokia’s N900 Push contest, the N900 Cyber Kanny:

Prototype image of the Nokia N900 + NIntendo Power Glove + Arduino + Bluesmirf hack

In Finland, the homeland of Nokia, mobile phones are referred to as Kannys, which literally means “an extension of the hand”. I would like to make this extension of the hand very visceral by combining Nokia’s N900 with retro virtual-reality peripheral, the Nintendo Power Glove. The resulting hardware hack would enable hand gesture based interaction with the N900, controlled through the glove interface.

In order to answer a telephone call, the user makes the ‘telephone gesture’ and their hand becomes the handset, bringing a whole new meaning to “talk to the hand”!

N900 Cyber Kanny - Telephone Gesture

19. October 2009 by Kieran
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