Visual Voltage Workshop

January was a chilly month in Ireland, but Berlin (or Brrrr-lin even) was absolutely freezing. I was over in the ice and snow to attend the Visual Voltage workshop. The event was centered around how interaction design fits into sustainable living and how to better visualise, understand and optimise our energy usage through smart design.

The workshop was held by the Stockholm-based Interactive Institute alongside the Berlin-based design-research firm IxDS. The activities were concept building based and as groups we brainstormed up ideas for smart products and services to make people aware of their use of energy. There were also tangible examples of energy wise interaction design at the accompanying Visual Voltage exhibition, which the workshop was a precursor to.

The ideas brainstormed during the sessions were posted on display for the exhibition opening party. You can check them out here. The 2 days were great fun and I learned as much from the participants own work stories and insights as the seminars and activities.

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09. March 2010 by Kieran
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