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Analog vs Digital & Music Interfaces @ DEAF 08

Yesterday I headed to the Digital Hub in Dublin to listen to some talks about making music and to watch a film screening, all these were happening as part of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival.

27. October 2008 by Kieran
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Bleeps on Wax

I’ve had a short loop I made in LSDJ on the Nintendo Gameboy included as a locked groove (infinitely repeating loop) on the Minimalizm v4 compilation. I always wanted to have some sound I made pressed onto wax, then I … Continue reading

22. March 2008 by Kieran
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Octocky 8bit Improvo

A musical creation game from 1986 by Toshio Iwai, who created Electroplankton and most recently the Tenori-On for Yamaha. Octocky was released on the Famicom Disk System, the Japanese version of the 8-Bit NES console. The syncing of music, visuals … Continue reading

05. March 2008 by Kieran
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8bit Chiptune Workshop @ LABoral

A couple of weeks ago I attended an 8bit chiptune workshop at LABoral in Gijón in the Asturias region Spain. The workshop was part of series of such running alongside LABoral’s Gameworld exhibition (a Second Life workshop had taken place … Continue reading

15. August 2007 by Kieran
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Björk’s reacTABLE

Here’s a great video from Björk‘s recent performance at Glastonbury showing the reacTABLE, tangible multi-touch interface as an integral part of her live instrumentation… Björk always pushing the boundaries and embracing new music technology… More info on reacTABLE here and … Continue reading

27. June 2007 by Kieran
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Good Copy Bad Copy

This great documentary by ROSFORTH examines sampling culture, digital distribution, how copyright laws are struggling to remain effective and how they must evolve. “Everyone has been bombarded with media. We’ve almost been forced to use it as an art form. … Continue reading

20. June 2007 by Kieran
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Atari Punk Console, Breadboard Version

Here’s a short improvisation on an ‘Atari Punk Console‘ that I’ve built on a solderless breadboard. Atari Punk Console Breadboard Performance (2007) from Kieran Nolan on Vimeo. The APC name was coined by Kaustic Machines who based the circuit on … Continue reading

27. April 2007 by Kieran
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MadVillain / MF Doom Vinyl Figure

It was inevitable, sooner or later prolific underground rapper MF Doom, who's persona is heavily based on comic book character Dr Doom, would make the transition from vinyl record to urban vinyl in the form of his own action figure. … Continue reading

10. December 2006 by Kieran
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Was back in London again last week and found 'PLAY.orchestra', a sound installation outside the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank of the Thames. It's an interactive public space where you can take part in a collaborative music performance … Continue reading

14. September 2006 by Kieran
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Lucky People Center International

A very cool film by LPC, finally out on dvd – link

08. August 2006 by Kieran
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