ISEA 2009 paper and workshop

I’m presenting a paper at the ISEA 2009 Conference (International Symposium on Electronic Arts) in Belfast this August. It’s under the ‘Posthumanism’ category and called ‘The Real Virtual Living’. Basically in it I’m examining what people thought the ‘cyberfuture’ would be, how it actually turned out and how that future vision has inspired creative work in different digital and electronic mediums, both in cyberspace and meatspace 🙂

Also as part of ISEA 2009 I’m running a workshop on ‘Hacking Toys Into Tangible Interfaces‘ at Dundalk IT. We’ll be building unique game control gizmos by adding usb connections to cheap electronic toys. The workshop is an introduction to physical computing, covering some basic interaction design theory along with practical hardware hacking techniques. There’s more on the workshop and everything else that’s happening as part of the conference at

04. July 2009 by Kieran
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