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Black Ox Fighting Bot

Just stumbled across this website from Japan all about robots and found the very impressive walking, fist throwing robot by Vstone called the Black Ox . It stands a mighty foot and a half high, has twenty articulation points and … Continue reading

15. March 2008 by Kieran
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Hacking Toys, Bending Circuits

Circuit bending is “the creative short-circuiting of devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children’s toys and small synthesizers to create new musical instruments and sound generators.” (Wikipedia). Here’s a little video of some audio glitching that happened during … Continue reading

19. February 2008 by Kieran
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Sinister 7 – Interactive Munny

This article from Sparkfun.com details a really interesting piece of work made with some of their equipment, an electronic version of the Magic 8-Ball game that detects motion through a gyroscope and displays its information on a mobile-phone screen embedded … Continue reading

02. February 2008 by Kieran
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Atari Punk Console, Breadboard Version

Here’s a short improvisation on an ‘Atari Punk Console‘ that I’ve built on a solderless breadboard. Atari Punk Console Breadboard Performance (2007) from Kieran Nolan on Vimeo. The APC name was coined by Kaustic Machines who based the circuit on … Continue reading

27. April 2007 by Kieran
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Hak.5 – Hacker TV

Hak.5 is an Internet TV show all about hacking and modifying software and hardware. It's presented in a humorous and laidback way and is a great way to find out how the gadgets and apps that you use work, and … Continue reading

03. March 2007 by Kieran
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Buddha Machine, AIBO and 3D Asimo

A gadget that I want: FM3 ‘s Buddha Machine, a solid state ambient album “a small soundbox made in China which comes with an integrated speaker, a volume control, mini jack-out and a switch to choose between nine different loops … Continue reading

07. February 2006 by Kieran
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