‘All Your Mediums Are Belong to Us’ at the ECREA Digital Culture & Communications Workshop

More slides, these are from my talk at the European Communication Research and Education Association/ECREA Digital Culture and Communication Workshop 2011.

The talk was mainly about using Booki and BurnStation in class assessment situations, but also went off on a few related tangents. These included Open Source vs Ad*be in design education, motivating students in large group projects, the affordances and risks of working on college projects in the ‘public’ webspace and a brief rant about Facebook’s ever changing and deliberately obfuscating privacy settings 🙂

I concluded with some thoughts on the collaborative and peer learning successes of the diy ‘maker’ and open education movements and how these can feed back constructively into formal higher learning. The underground always filters up to the mainstream, and I believe this applies as much to education as any other cultural field.

19. December 2011 by Kieran
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