ARGjacking 815

Back in December 2007 ABC launched ‘Find 815‘, the second alternate realty game promoting Emmy award winning TV series ‘Lost‘. In the first interactive part of the experience a laptop screen was shown full of fictitious email addresses. One of these was a hotmail address, it turned out it wasn’t registered… so I registered it 🙂 For the next few days I documented reactions to the minor ripple in the expanded Lost universe that is Zeke Klotho Freundlich. So anyways here’s a link to a podcast talking about it, the recording also features some words from the creators of the ‘Adopt a Space Monkey‘ / ‘Aftermath 08‘ ARG.

Argjacking 815 by kierannolan

I hope the story is interesting, apologies to anyone involved with making the ARG that was inconvenienced by my actions… it was all in the name of research, honest! 😉 Namaste!

10. June 2008 by Kieran
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