Star Fleet X-Bomber

Way back I used to watch Star Fleet on Saturday mornings. A mix of Anime style and Gerry Anderson puppetry, it blew my mind. However it disappeared from tv in the early eighties and hasn't been broadcast since. For years I was trying to recall the show's name, then last week MPJ sent me on four youtube links and the mystery was solved. vid 1vid 2vid 3vid 4

The characters were fantastically imagined and many had a dark edge. Commander Makara had a symbiotic cyborg eyepatch (?!) that would take over and speak through her now and then, wierd and scary for a kids show.

The most memorable moment of the show was probably all the characters flew their crafts into formation and combined to form the giant robot Dai-X. They would then fight off whatever threat the Imperial Alliance had sent, leaving the galaxy safe for another week. Genius stuff – link1 link 2link 3

26. January 2007 by Kieran
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