Warrior Robots (Meet Your End)

I made this messing about with freeware audio apps Oxe FM Synth, Audiomulch (to sequence some .wav samples from oldschool video game Gorf) and Audacity to record it all… posted it up on EM411.com just for fun… the response has been friendly and indeed spot on with their criticism “where's the rest of it?” true indeed 😀 … anyhow's it's cool to be able to publish music online so easily… I much prefer EM411 to the likes of soundclick or myspace…

Warrior Robots (Meet Your End) by kierannolan

The robots image (on the 411 link) is an old piece of airbrush art used on the Generation One Transformers packages in the 80's… I remember it blowing my mind when I was a kid… a piece of sheer class from the pre photoshop age… it must have taken the artist a long while to create… really meticulously done…

12. December 2005 by Kieran
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