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Picked up some good reading & viewing material over the last week:

How to draw Manga, Macromedia Flash Techniques
Exactly what it says on the tin, really needed this because my colouring in technique could be a lot better… this book shows how to get beyond flat fills in flash (thats a lot of FL's) and make real professionally coloured, fleshed out flash based illustrations. link

Specialten DVD – Issue 11
A bunch of music videos and some documentaries, packaged in a nicely designed folder/magazine package. A load of different stuff in there. link

Everything Bad Is Good For You
Have just started reading this, basically it's about how instead of dumbing us down, consumer/media culture is making us smarter… link

Uzi Magazine (DVD) – Issue 1 'Tokyo Brainstorm'
Really good, a documentary where some Swedish design heads went to Tokyo and connected with innovators in Japan's graphic / fashion / product / game / film / everything design. Made through still photographs against a great soundtrack and interspersed with lo-rez still cam/mobile phone mpegs, no voiceover is used… the images speak for themselves. link

25. September 2005 by Kieran
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