Urban Dead – Zombie MMORPG

Urban Dead is a low-tech massively-multiplayer zombie apocalypse game where the living and the undead compete for the control of a quarantined city.”

Awesome stuff… The user starts by selecting their player type (civilian, military, scientist or zombie) each with different strengths and weaknesses. Then they start the game, stranded in Malton City… looking for a safe house, food, weapons whatever it takes to survive the undead apocalypse. So far I'm alive… having avoided some zombies, found a baseball bat and made it to the sanctury of a Necrotech building (my character type is a Necrotech Lab Assistant), I have to wait a while there while my action points replenish… then it's back to streets 🙂 – this looks addictive, it's even inspired some to create a quasi-religion!

15. October 2005 by Kieran
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