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Visual Refuel

I was over in London a couple of weeks ago and splurged out on some quality graphics readables, visual refuel: Character Design For Mobile DevicesEverything you need to know about sprite graphics, a history of 8/16 bit video game systems, … Continue reading

25. July 2006 by Kieran
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Bleepmaster, friend of Cornelius

At the moment my 'Bleepmaster' myspace page is the 'top 8' friends list for eclectic indie music innovator Cornelius… that's a great surprise and honour for me since Cornelius is one of my favourite musicians… I guess someone at Matador … Continue reading

19. July 2006 by Kieran
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Bonobo Chimp playing Ms. Pac-Man

A gem from youtube in the form of this documentary film of a bonobo that has learned to play Ms. Pac-Man. The look of deep concentration on the apes face at 00:19 is classic. It's plain to see he (or … Continue reading

12. July 2006 by Kieran
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