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NORAD Tracks Santa 2005

Through the internet you can track Santa Claus live using the NORAD missile and aircraft detection network… this link explains the technical issues involved… apparently “Rudolph's nose gives off an infrared signature similar to a missile launch”… 🙂 Happy Christmas!

24. December 2005 by Kieran
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Wireless Winter Wear

Today was zero degrees, freezing… I need some new winter clothes… and even though it makes me think of those hats with the beer dispensers built in, I still wouldn't mind having this bluetooth enabled, mobile phone and ipod compatible … Continue reading

13. December 2005 by Kieran
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Warrior Robots (Meet Your End)

I made this messing about with freeware audio apps Oxe FM Synth, Audiomulch (to sequence some .wav samples from oldschool video game Gorf) and Audacity to record it all… posted it up on just for fun… the response has … Continue reading

12. December 2005 by Kieran
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A Dictionary of Video Game Theory

Does exactly what it says on the tin: link It contains a reference to triangularity as featured in the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors… that would have been handy for the Bionic Roshambo project…

11. December 2005 by Kieran
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33 1/3 ENTRODUCING… by Eliot WIlder

There's just something about a well researched music interview/documentary that makes it compulsive for me, even its a band who's work I don't have a huge knowledge off (like the VH1 documentary on Megadeth with its brilliant voice overs at … Continue reading

01. December 2005 by Kieran
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