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Ghost In The Shell

This week Masamune Shirow's Ghost In The Shell has been on my mind a lot, I've been rewatching a subtitled dvd of GITS 2 Innocence that I picked up in Sydney's Chinatown last January… I still can't help but be … Continue reading

29. October 2005 by Kieran
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Apple’s Rosa Parks tribute

…as seen on Apple's homepage at the moment It's well intentioned I'm sure (?) When i see the Apple logo stomped onto that pictureit just comes accross as brand reinforcement they might as well have photoshopped an I-Pod onto her(and … Continue reading

26. October 2005 by Kieran
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Urban Dead – Zombie MMORPG

“Urban Dead is a low-tech massively-multiplayer zombie apocalypse game where the living and the undead compete for the control of a quarantined city.” Awesome stuff… The user starts by selecting their player type (civilian, military, scientist or zombie) each with … Continue reading

15. October 2005 by Kieran
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Game Theorists win Nobel Prize

Simulating and predicting the outcome of life threatening conflict through gaming: “Game theory was first developed by Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann in the 1940s and 1950s as a way to understand decision-making in the real world where several parties … Continue reading

10. October 2005 by Kieran
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