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Was back in London again last week and found 'PLAY.orchestra', a sound installation outside the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank of the Thames. It's an interactive public space where you can take part in a collaborative music performance … Continue reading

14. September 2006 by Kieran
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Lucky People Center International

A very cool film by LPC, finally out on dvd – link

08. August 2006 by Kieran
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Bleepmaster, friend of Cornelius

At the moment my 'Bleepmaster' myspace page is the 'top 8' friends list for eclectic indie music innovator Cornelius… that's a great surprise and honour for me since Cornelius is one of my favourite musicians… I guess someone at Matador … Continue reading

19. July 2006 by Kieran
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Unofficial MPC1000 OS ver 3.0

A guy in Japan has made a new operating system for Akai's MPC1000 [ link ] it adds a bunch of new features found previously only on the MPC2500, including a grid based editor and four tracks for direct recording … Continue reading

25. June 2006 by Kieran
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Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock’N’Roll

The guy was a genius; maverick spoken word beat poet punk, a true rock 'n' roller…

20. June 2006 by Kieran
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Buttery Beats & Blips

This is my latest demo cd… consisting of 5 instrumental tracks made using samples, monosynths, electronic blips and scratching… it's a 'digital vinyl' record style cd (complete with grooves) packaged like a shrunk down 7″ or 12″ record in a … Continue reading

12. June 2006 by Kieran
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bip_hop generation vol.7

This album really helps me de-stress and chill out… soothing ambient tones and percussion… environment altering sounds… warms the room like an audio radiator… one of my favourite musical finds this year – mp3 clips & more info here

01. May 2006 by Kieran
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Another short track, this was made using Audiomulch (for the drums and blips), Triangle II (for the synth keys), scratched samples from songs by the Numbskullz and Lyrics Born and a sample from a b-movie called Robo Chic… anyhows can … Continue reading

29. April 2006 by Kieran
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sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! is an amazing piece of work, it's a software application that converts audio feeds into chop up video remixes… anyhows the best way to see what it does is just watch the video for yourself – link (found via … Continue reading

20. March 2006 by Kieran
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The Diabolical YouTube

Was having a browse through YouTube, the free video hosting community that's a surefire target for Napster style lithegation in the near future by pissed off media conglomerates… anyways found this video, a 1980's style Japanese toy commercial (produced by … Continue reading

23. February 2006 by Kieran
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